BLACKDOWN FORGE Double Edged Billhook

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This double edge billhook is the ideal tool for hedge laying and other cutting tasks both domestic and agricultural. The tang runs the full length of the 6 inch wooden handle and the 9 inch long blade has both curved and straight cutting edges for maximum flexibility.

*The blade is suitable for sharpening by the user as required, and may require sharpening before first use (at the users discretion).

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2 reviews for BLACKDOWN FORGE Double Edged Billhook

  1. Jason Coward (verified owner)

    A lovely ergonomical and solid bill hook. Does require the varnish on the blade (preventing rust) to be removed and a little filing and a sharpening stone prior to use.
    I would certainly recommend.

  2. Michael Parker. (verified owner)

    Very good. Light enough to use freely and the blade while needing an initial sharpening does sharpen easily.
    I am oiling after every use to deter rust.

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