HELLBERG RELAX Headband Ear Defenders with AM/FM Radio

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HELLBERG RELAX Headband Ear Defenders with AM/FM Radio. Relax protects your hearing while you enjoy listening to your favourite radio station or connect to a communication radio, mobile phones etc. Easy to reach controls let you manually tune the AM/FM radio accurately. Combined with the automatic frequency control you will lock onto your favourite station for the best reception available even in low signal areas.

Ergonomic design, replaceable headband and ear cushions contribute to high comfort and increased wear time.


. Manual tuning and Automatic Frequency control makes it easy to tune accurately and locks onto desired station
. The sound is limited to a safe 82 dB level by the EPS system
. Soft cushions with Smart “Snap-In” System for easy replacement
. Smooth size adjustment for optimized comfort and seal
. Includes 2 x 1.5V AA batteries for up to 130 hours of use
. External 3.5mm sound input for MP3 players etc.
. Fully compatible with Hellberg’s SAFE™ Visor System

European Directives

Lower Action Level 80 dB (A) *-135 dB (C) **
In areas where the noise level matches or exceeds this Lower Action level, all employees must have access to protection.

Upper Action Level 85 dB (A) – 137 dB (C)
In areas where the noise level matches or exceed this Upper Action Level, all employees must use appropriate protection.

Max Exposure Level 87 dB (A) – 140 dB (C)
No worker should – under no circumstance – be exposed to noise levels exceeding this max level. All personnel working in these noise levels must use protection to lower the noise to levels safe within the Lower Action Level.

*dB (A) = Equivalent noise level (8 hour average)
**dB (C) = Peak noise level (peak duration less than 1sec)

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