HONDA Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower – HRM40 and HRM40 LIVE


Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower for smaller lawns.



Honda Miimo robotic lawn mowers have now expanded into the small garden market with a very versatile pair of entry level models. This robotic mower can be installed and set up by the user, however should you need assistance we offer a (chargeable) installation service.

THe Miimo HRM40 and HRM40 LIVE both cover lawns up to 400m. Featuring Map and Mow easy set-up technology, weatherproof control panel and simple timer/plan functionality.

The two models differ only in the Smartphone/Amazon Alexa Connectivity. For no frills robotic lawn mowing controlled from the machine opt for the HRM40, if you enjoy controlling your gadgets from a Smartphone app then choose the HRM40 LIVE.

Product specification

  • Area capacity - up to 400 m²
  • Working capacity - 29 m²/h
  • Maximum incline (mowing area) - 15° / 27%
  • Maximum incline (wire on slope) - 9° / 15%
  • Noise level - guaranteed* 63 db(A)
  • Blade type - 3 (Swing back type)
  • Cutting width - 190 mm
  • Cutting height adjustment - Manual 30 to 50 mm
  • Battery type - Li-ion 18V / 2,5Ah
  • Mowing time per charge - 45 min
  • Charging time - 45 min
  • Waterproofing - IPX4
  • Smartphone application** Android and iOS (HRM40 LIVE ONLY)
  • Docking station position - Corner & Edge
  • Boundary wire and pegs supplied - 125 m / 180 pegs
  • Length x width x height - 445 x 364 x 202 mm
  • Weight - 8.1 kg

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