ROCK EXOTICA RockD Autolock Carabiner

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The strongest of the shapes in the Rock Exotica range, the RockD keeps the load close to the carabiners spine. 

Designed with a unique 3-way autolock system that is more intuitive due to it’s pull down action, combined with a slightly angled gate opening to maximise the gate opening. Chamferred internal contact surfaces to minimise the risk of cross loading or hanging up.

Also available as a screw gate variant for non PPE applications.

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Product specification

  • MBS - Major 29kN
  • MBS - Minor 11kN
  • MBS - Gate Open 9kN
  • Gate Opening - 24 mm
  • Weight - 80g
  • Height - 114 mm
  • Width - 71 mm
  • Color - Red/Black


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