Root assassin Shovel

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Have you ever wondered how to remove tree roots from ground? There are many solutions on the market, at a variety of costs. One cost effective an innovative way to do this, is to use the root assassin shovel.

Original Root Assassin Shovel

The Root Assassin Shovel is designed for clearing overgrown areas of
garden, landscape and forest. The all-purpose saw and shovel with
serrated edges on both sides, has a unique ability to cut roots
quickly and easily whilst digging. The patented ‘teeth’ do the hard
work cutting both when digging in and pulling out. The engineered
‘bone structure’ steel shaft adds rigidity and strength without adding
weight. The unique shape of the serrated teeth located on each side of
the shovel are built to withstand the toughest cutting tasks and can
be sharpened with a wheel, grinder or by a specialist.


  • 16 double edged sharp serrated teeth on each side
  • Quality commercial grade solid steel construction overlaid with a sleek silver powder coating
  • Durable comfort D grip solid rubber handle brightly coloured fo easy location amid the grounds
  • Ridged step for secure foot placement
  • Sharpening: Teeth can be sharpened with a wheel, grinder or by a specialist


  • Weight 4Lbs (1.8kg)
  • Overall length: 48” (1.2m)

Root Assassin Shovel

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