Shed Roof Felt – Green Mineral Polyester

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Shed Roof Felt is typically used on non-habitable buildings, such as garden sheds, summer houses, kennels and hutches. Our Polyester Shed Felt is a traditional bitumen roofing felt with a polyester base and a fine green mineral finish.

We also stock felt nails for securing the felt to your roof.

Features of Polyester Shed Roof Felt

  • Higher performance shed felt solution
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ideal for all types of non-habitable garden buildings
  • Attractive, fine mineral coloured finish
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • TN SHED FELT P is manufactured following ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and Environmental Management System approved to ISO 14001: 2004

Re-felting a Shed Roof – A ‘how to’ guide

Any old roofing felt should be removed from existing roofs, with the roof structure checked for adequacy and strength prior to new work being undertaken. Any protruding nails should be removed or hammered home where possible. Unroll the TN SHED FELT P onto a clean, flat surface at least 30 minutes prior to installation as this assists with the final installation.

Place the first strip of felt at the lowest part of the roof, so that it overhangs the eaves by around 50mm, and likewise over the gable edges of the roof by 50mm. Fix in position by nailing the top edge of the felt with galvanised clout nails at 500mm centres. Slowly and carefully fold overhangs over the edges of the roof, and nail at 50mm intervals. Corners should be folded and nailed to create a neat finish. Each subsequent sheet should be placed to achieve a 75mm overlap with the previous sheet and 50mm overhangs to gable edges. Fixing the upper edge and overhanging edges of each progressive sheet as before. Use a suitable roofing felt adhesive to bond the area of the overlapping sheets. Firmly press the surfaces together and finish the joint by nailing at 50mm intervals. To finish the roof ridge, cut a capping strip 300mm wide. Fix to the ridge using roofing felt adhesive and dress down the slope creating 150mm overlaps with the previous sheets on each slope. Nail the lower edges at 50mm intervals to each slope. Complete by fixing timber strips to the gable ends.

Product specification

  • Length of Roll - 10m 
  • Width of Roll - 1m
  • Weight of Roll - 29kg
  • Green mineral
  • Harmonised Standard - EN 13707:2004 + A2:2009

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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Flexible and strong roof felt at a reasonable price. I really appreciated the free home delivery.

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