SILKY Bigboy 2000 Folding Saw

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The SILKY Bigboy saw is one of the largest folding saws available in the SILKY range, and apart from the Katanaboy gives a longer reach than all our folding saws. It’s cutting performance is absolutely staggering, and the 360mm hard chrome-plated blade features a low angle 2000mm radius curve, and will tear through tree branches with minimal effort. When cutting with the Silky Bigboy 2000, as with all Silky saws, always let the saw do the work when cutting through a branch. Only light pressure need be applied when cutting as the razorsharp teeth will do the rest, and of course never twist the blade when in it’s use. This is the case with any pruning saw, but especially Silky because as you’ll discover the razor sharp blade requires only a small amount of pressure to get the job done. The Bigboy continues to be one of our best selling pruning saws of any brand we supply, so for a reliable and high performance saw, look no further!

The non-slip, 2-handed handle of the saw is rubber cushioned, and the saw is very well balanced for an ergonomic and comfortable cutting experience. The Silky bigboy 2000 is suitable for cutting through large branches, as well as small tree trunks. The blade is taper-ground with impulse-hardened non-set teeth. Replacement blades are also available to buy.


Product specification

  • Part Number - 356-36
  • Blade Length - 360mm
  • Teeth per 30mm - 6.5
  • Weight - 406g

SILKY Bigboy 2000 technical Information


Blades are made from SK-4 high carbon steel and taper ground i.e. thicker at the tooth edge, thinner at the back of the blade. This taper reduces resistance giving smoother, easier, faster cutting.


Using a special high frequency heating technique, teeth are heated instantly and hardened. Because only the teeth are heated the blade retains its normal flexibility. Hardened teeth stay sharp about 3 times longer than non-hardened.


Hard chrome plating produces an exceedingly hard, durable surface. The blades are resistant to rust and the effects of resin. They are finely or mirror polished and wipe clean easily.


Almost all Silky saws have rubber compound elastomer handles, either inserted or vulcanised to ABS plastic or steel. Rubber handles are more comfortable to hold, reduce vibration and offer superior grip in the cold and wet.


G-Mark Award by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation.


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