SILKY Forester Polesaw – Replacement Blade

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Replacement blade for the Silky forester polesaw. The saw has a curved 380mm blade with a standard teeth ratio of 7.5 teeth per 30mm. Silky blades are packed with fantastic features:

NON-SET TEETH – Blades are made from SK-4 high carbon steel and taper ground i.e. thicker at the tooth edge, thinner at the back of the blade. This taper reduces resistance giving smoother, easier, faster cutting performance.

IMPULSE HARDENING – Using a special high frequency heating technique, teeth are heated instantly and hardened. Because only the teeth are heated the blade retains its normal flexibility. Hardened teeth stay sharp about 3 times longer than non-hardened.

MIRAI-ME SMOOTH COATING – The teeth of the future! Blades have precision ground, razor sharp teeth with 4 cutting angles along their length. They leave an especially smooth surface after cutting and are ideal for pruning, greatly reducing the risk of infection. They can rip-cut, cross-cut and slant-cut.

HARD CHROME PLATING – Hard chrome plating produces an exceedingly hard, durable surface. The blades are resistant to rust and the effects of resin. They are finely or mirror polished and wipe clean easily.

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