SILKY Hayate 6.1m Pole Saw

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The Hayate Pole Saw is the professional’s pole saw with thick, state-of-the-art, oval-shaped aluminium alloy poles. This shape provides precise control over the direction of the blade (especially important in poles of this length) and reduces the chance of bending to a minimum.

The telescopic design has two locking systems – a spring loaded locking button and friction clamps which work in tandem to ensure a strong and stable pole extension.

The aggressive Hayate 420mm curved blade uses Silky’s proprietary Mirai-Me teeth configuration and offers an aggressive teeth ratio of 6.5 teeth per 30mm. The blade is designed to cut efficiently, is harder than conventional blades, and maintains a superior wear resistant cutting edge.

The blades have a lower sickle for undercutting bark and removing epicormics with a clean cut to avoid damaging the tree and an upper sickle for cutting vines – these sickles also help prevent the blade slipping off the branch. The lower sickle can be removed if necessary. The Hayate Pole Saw comes equipped with a rigid-plastic blade guard with a built-in carrying handle. In addition, the base pole includes a pole end shock absorber to help protect the pole when resting on the ground.

It is ideal for pruning large branches at higher positions without ever climbing a ladder. This is the strongest and fastest, telescopic pole saw available on the market today.

All Hayate Pole Saw blades can be re-sharpened with a feather edged file and all parts are replaceable.

The Sintung Lopper attachment can also be fitted to the Hayate Pole Saw range by means of an adaptor which connects the top pole to the Sintung Lopper.

Product specification

  • Extensions - 3
  • Blade Length - 420mm
  • Teeth per 30mm - 6.5
  • Closed Length (Excluding Blade) - 1900mm
  • Minmum Length - 2.4m
  • Maximum Length - 6.1m
  • Weight - 3930g 


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