SILKY SAW Zubat Arborist Professional Saw – 330mm

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Zubat Arborist Replacement Blade

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Adding to the Zubat range of Silky Saws is the Zubat Arborist Professional. Featuring 5.5 extra large teeth per 30mm (4.7tpi) making it faster to cut through fresh, soft wood such as linden, poplar and willow. Perfect for precise pruning in tight spaces and with large removals. The blades are laser cut from SK4 carbon steel and cleverly incorporate Silky Saws Mirae-Me technology of 4 razor sharp cutting angles on the inside of each tooth, producing a smooth clean cut with minimal splintering or damage to the tree. The Zubat Arborist can be identified by the chrome details of the screws and the scabbard. Thanks to the third extra roller the saw now slides even more smoothly into the scabbard. The perfect shape of the aggressively curved blade in combination with Silky’s unique teeth, will give you the speed, force and precision you need in the tree. You can easily leave your chainsaw on the ground more often, as this handsaw is an all-around pleasure to work with. Even after frequent use, the teeth will still stay sharp for a long time, leaving behind a smooth tree cut that will easily be overgrown.

Interchangeable with all other Zubat curved hand and pole saw blades.

**Zubat blades cannot be re-sharpened. The saws are designed to have replaceable blades and all other parts are also available.

Product specification

  • 5.5 Teeth Per 30mm (4.7tpi)
  • Blade Length - 330mm
  • Weight - 510g
  • Non Set Teeth
  • Mirai-Me
  • Impulse Hardened
  • SK4 Carbon Steel
  • Rubber Compound Elastomer Handle



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