This product is not available to purchase online, and is only available to purchase instore (subject to availability).


PROOF OF AERIAL CHAINSAW TRAINING CERTIFICATE REQUIRED. Top handle chainsaws can only be purchased instore.

The Stihl MS151 TC-E top handle chainsaw replaces the hugely popular MS150T. Retaining many of the key ergonomic and aesthetic features of the MS150 but introducing a new piston with a domed top, a new cylinder and a new exhaust, all of which combine to improve performance.

The new design increases power by 10% over the MS150, from 1.0 kW to 1.1 kW, and an even greater 15% increase in torque from 0.95 Nm to 1.1 Nm. The weight remains at 2.6 kg, maintaining the well balanced, lighweight nature of its predecessor.

Available with either a 10″ or 12″ bar mated to the fine cutting 1/4″ PM3 chain.

Product specification

  • Displacement - 23.6 cm³
  • Power output - 1.1 kW / 1.5 kWbhp 
  • Weight - 2.6 kg
  • Power-to-weight ratio - 2.4 kg/kW
  • Vibration values left/right - 4.9/4.9 m/s²
  • Tank volume - 0.20 litre
  • Bumper spike - No bumper spike
  • Sprocket - 8 of teeth 
  • Oil pump - Non-adjustable
  • Anti vibration system - Annular Buffer and Steel Spring
  • Filler cap - Tool-free
  • Chain pitch - 1/4"P
  • EPA Certified fuel consumption - 0.51 litre/hour
  • Oil tank volume - 150 cm³


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