STIHL MS180 Chainsaw

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A fantastic chainsaw for domestic pruning, property maintenance and cutting firewood. Lightweight and well-balanced.

STIHL Micro 3 3/8" P 1.3mm 14 inch Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain 50DL

STIHL Service Kit for MS170 and MS180

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STIHL 14 Inch Bar & 2 Chain Set for MS180, 181, 211 & 231 -

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The STIHL MS180 Chainsaw with 14″ bar is a fantastic compact saw for cutting firewood, domestic pruning and grounds/property maintenance at a great price. This more powerful model has a longer bar and is capable of cutting thicker logs and branches than it’s MS170 stablemate.

The STIHL MS180 Chainsaw is lightweight and well-balanced yet delivers excellent power output (1.4kW/1.9hp) for a chainsaw of its size. It’s low-emission STIHL 2-MIX engine is economical as well as being environmentally friendly. The easy-to-use side-mounted chain tensioner provides a simple approach to basic maintenance/adjustment.

Product specification

Displacement - 31.8cm³
Power output- 1.4/1.9 kW/bhp
Weight kg - 4.1kg
Power-to-weight ratio - 3 kg/kW
Sound pressure level -100 dB(A) 3)
Sound power level - 112 dB(A) 3)
Vibration values left/right - 6.6/7.8 m/s² 4)
Oil pump - Not adjustable
Tank volume - 0.25 L
Chain pitch - 3/8" P
Chain tensioning - Lateral chain tensioning
Sprocket - number of teeth - 6 Z
Filter - Filter plate
Bumper spike - Plastic claw
Cylinder - Chrome
Oil tank volume - 145cm3
Sprocket - Profile sprocket
Anti vibration system - Standard AV-System
Filler cap - STV screw tank cap
EPA Certified fuel consumption - 0.714l/h
CO2 - 859g/kWh
Handle type - Standard grip
Speed at maximum power -10.000Um
EPA Certified fuel consumption - 0.189glh


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