STIHL MSA140 CB Compact Cordless Chainsaw



The MSA140 CB Stihl cordless, battery powered chainsaw is both lightweight as well as offering superb performance.

Compared to the next model down in the Stihl range (MSA120 CB) this saw offers around 25% more cutting power, making it a great choice for general grounds maintenance and other cutting tasks. As well as superb performance, this chainsaw also offers a whole host of features which are designed to offer both comfort and convenience for the user.

The quick chain tensioning allows the chain to be adjusted with out the need for a tool. This makes adjusting the tension when in the middle of a task so much more convenient as well as making the process of fitting a new chain much more efficient than with a more traditional ‘tooled’ version. The chain brake is a ‘quick stop’ super chain brake, giving extra peace of mind that the chain will stop the moment the emergency chain brake is engaged.

The oil tank on the machine has a transparent window, leaving the user in no doubt as to the amount of oil in the chainsaw at any one time. The MSA140 comes fitted with a 12 inch chainsaw bar as well as a 1/4” PM3 chainsaw chain which gives superb cutting performance. It is supplied as a shell, with bar and chain only (no battery or charger) or as a complete kit with an AK30 battery (the battery Stihl recommend for this chainsaw) and an AL101 charger. Simply select the option of ‘shell only’ or ‘kit’ from the dropdown menu to view their respective prices.


Product specification

  • Cordless Technology Lithium-Ion - COMPACT
  • Voltage - 36 V
  • Run time with AK 10 - 15 min
  • Run time with AK 20 - 35 min
  • Run time with AK 30 - 45 min
  • Weight without battery - 2.2 kg
  • Weight - 2.6 kg
  • Vibration levels left/right - 4.3/4.8 m/s² 
  • Sound power level - 94 dB
  • STIHL Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type - Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
  • Chain gauge - 1/4"P
  • Bar length - 12"
  • Oil tank volume - 110 cm
  • Recommended battery - AK 30
  • Run time with AK20 battery at 100% charge - up to 35 min

Quiet technology


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