STIHL Petrol 18” Mulching Lawn mower – RM2RT

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Mulching mower for small gardens.

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The RM2RT is a fantastic addition STIHL petrol lawnmower range. It gives efficient and effective mulching means that the grass which has been cut is very finely chopped and shredded within the mower and then dropped back down, and then acts as a nutrient source for the lawn. With a cutting width of 46cm, it is the perfect machine for cutting and mulching small to medium sized lawns up to around 1500m². It offers a range of features from soft grip handles for optimum comfort, single speed front wheel drive, cutting height adjustment at each axle and folding handlebars for convenient storage. The housing of the mower is made from robust metal and is built to last. At Briants we can also supply a range of lawn mower oil, spare parts for Stihl, Hayter, Honda and other makes of lawn mowers and garden machinery.

What does Mulching the Lawn Mean?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of mulching it may seem a little strange at first. Why would you want to put your grass clipping back onto the lawn rather than get rid of them? The truth is correctly mulching the lawn using a mower like the Stihl RM2RT is actually beneficial to the heath of the lawn. If you were to simply take a normal Grass box full of grass clippings and spread them all over your fresh cut lawn, then this would not be beneficial, probably quite the opposite infact. Correct lawn mulching involves the clipping being shredded up very fine and then evenly distributed back down onto the lawn.

What are the Benefits of Mulching a Lawn?

Is it said that using the grass clippings to mulch the lawn can account for up to one pound of a lawns required nitrogen intake for a year. Generally speaking the average lawn needs around four pounds of nitrogen to stay in tip top condition. As well as saving time emptying the grass box, it will actually save money on fertilizer over the course of a year by cutting down on the amount of lawn feed required. Microbial activity will breakdown the body of the tiny grass clippings and recycle the nutrients they contain back into the lawn.

Does Mulching Cause Thatch in the Lawn?

No. The grass clippings actually consist mostly of water and because they are so finely cut when using a mulching mower the tiny segments are regenerated very quickly by worms, bacteria and other activity to give maximum benefit to the lawn. If there is an existing thatch problem in the lawn then the benefits of mulching won’t be there in the same way. But mulching will not cause thatch build up, when the lawn is mown regularly and with a proper mulching mower.

Product specification

  • Cuts Lawns up to 1.500 m²
  • Cutting height - 28-85 mm
  • Cutting width - 46 cm
  • Engine type - Series XT675 OHV SC
  • Displacement - 149 cm³
  • Nominal output - 2,2 kW / 3,0 PS
  • Working speed - 2.800 rpm
  • Weight - 30 kg
  • Guaranteed sound power level - LWAd [dB(A)] 94 dB(A)
  • Vibration value ahw - 5,9 m/s²
  • Uncertainty factor K - 2,36 m/s²
  • Uncertainty factor KpA - [dB(A)] 2 dB(A)

Easy start engine (SmartChoke)

Whether starting the RM2RT from cold or re starting after use, STIHL Smart-Choke technology means the process is simple, consistent and reliable. 


The self-drive on this mower means that the mower will drive itself forward, greatly reducing user fatigue. This is especially useful when covering larger areas or working on the incline. 

Mulching blade

The special mulching blade on the RM2RT will shred the grass clippings and recycle them back into the lawn adding vital nutrients back into the soil to aid in producing a healthy green lawn. 

Easy-running wheels

The wheels on all STIHL mowers are robust and solid. They feature a tread pattern made to aid directional stability. 

Super soft grip

The soft grip handle bars are designed with maximum comfort in mind. 

Carrying handles

Transporting the lawn mower is made far easier thanks to the convenient carrying handle integrated into the body of the mower. The carrying handles can also be used as a point to tether the mower during transportation. 

Quick-Fix quick-clamping devices

The handlebars can be quickly and effortlessly folded down, with no need for tools, thanks to the quick-Fix clamping system. 

Sheet steel housing

Thanks to a torsion-resistant sheet steel construction, the housing is particularly robust. Durability during demanding use is therefore guaranteed.

Cutting height adjustment for each axle

The cutting height can be set easily. Not only that, but the front and rear axle can be adjusted individually. 

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Power Source



4 Wheel

Drive Type


Cutting Width

18 inch


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