STIHL Toy Leaf Blower – Battery Operated

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The toy leaf blower from Stihl is the perfect way to get the kids involved when they want to help out in the garden!

A perfect miniature version of the BGA 57 cordless blower, the blower tube can be adjusted to three different lengths and can also be completely removed. This toy has three different length adjustments for the blower tube, which can also be completely removed. The toy leaf blower does blow some air out of the tube when the trigger is pulled, just like a real leaf blower!

It is operated in the way as the grown-up version too, with a start/stop switch on the handle and a removable battery that is charged with a USB cable.

Please note – you should not allow children to use this toy whilst you are operating power tools in the same area.

  • Removable, chargeable battery just like the adult version
  • Adjustable length to suit your child’s height
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over

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