WESTLAND The Gardener’s Multi-Purpose Compost 50 Litres

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Westland Gardener’s Multi-Purpose Compost is produced from premium grade Irish blended peat which has been milled and graded to produce a quality growing media and blended with the correct nutrient and trace element balance to ensure healthy plants, vibrant flowers and quality fruit.

  • The traditional range for the experienced gardener
  • Balanced blend of peat for best planting conditions
  • Enriched with 4-5 weeks feed
  • Perfect for plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs

How to Use The Gardener’s Multi-Purpose Compost

First put on a pair of gloves and rework the compost between your hands, so it regains its intended texture. Then you’re all set.

Pots, Containers & Hanging Baskets

  • Choose container with adequate drainage holes. Place layer of grit in container and fill with compost. For hanging baskets, line basket with moss or liner and fill with compost
  • Plant with trailing plants around the edge and upright plants in the middle
  • Water well

Beds & Borders

  • Dig a hole twice the size of root ball diameter and add a layer of compost
  • Place plant in hole and back fill with compost
  • Firm compost around plant and water well


  • Water plant well and allow to drain
  • Allow enough space to accommodate roots
  • Remove from pot and plant in new container, firming the compost gently around the roots
  • Once fully planted, water well

Sowing Seeds

  • Fill seed tray evenly with compost, firm gently and water
  • Sow seeds following seed pack instructions and cover tray with glass/polythene to prevent drying out
  • Place in warm spot out of direct sunlight until seeds have germinated
  • Remove glass/polythene and keep moist until seedlings are ready for pricking out
  • This compost is specially rich in fertiliser and may not be suitable for some seeds and young plants which prefer lower fertiliser levels, so we recommend The Gardener’s Seed & Potting-on Mix for best results with these.

Seedlings / Pricking out

  • Prick out seedlings once they are large enough to handle
  • Hold seedling by the leaves to avoid damage and gently tease the roots from the compost, using a dibber or pencil
  • Plant seedlings well apart to allow for growth
  • Water regularly until seedlings are ready for potting-on

Taking Cuttings

  • Fill a container with compost, firm gently and water
  • Make sloping cut in stem of cutting, just below a joint, remove all bottom leaves and dip end of the cutting in hormone rooting
  • powder
  • Make hole in the compost with pencil or dibber
  • Place cutting into hole and firm compost gently around it
  • Cover with a polythene bag to prevent drying out and place in a warm spot out of direct sunlight, until cuttings have taken


  • For best results pre-mix slow release granules into the compost before planting, this will provide your plants with a great source of feed at the roots
  • When plants are in bloom, it is a great idea to feed with a liquid plant food
  • Using both methods will ensure all your plants remain healthy, producing an abundance of beautiful flowers and foliage

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