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Replacement Silky Saw blade for the Gomtaro, which is a traditional straight blade pruning saw which is one of our best selling pruning saws at Briants. It is used by both professional gardeners and arborists as well as amateurs ad is suitable for cutting medium to large branches. Available in sizes 210 or 300mm lengths. The saw blade features 8 teeth per 30mm, which helps give a smooth finish when cutting through dry or hard wood.

Impulse Hardening

The teeth of the saw blade are heated using a special high frequency heating technique which instantly hardens the metal. Due to the way this this technique is performed, it’s only the teeth that are impulse hardened, therefore the rest of the metal on the blade will retain its flexibility. Because of this process the teeth of the saw will stay harder up to 3 times longer than a non-hardened equivalent.

Mirai-Me Blades

The inside of each tooth has 4 razor sharp cutting angles, which is what Silky’s ‘MIRAI-ME’ term refers to. It will essentially mean that when the blade cuts through the branch, the amount of splintering is reduced so the cut is much finer, and will destroy up to 50% less cells within the wood, which cuts the risk of disease and means the tree will heal far faster than if it were to be cut with a non MIRAI-ME blade.

Product specification

  • Mirai-Me
  • Implulse hardened
  • Mirror polished & Chrome plated
  • OE Silky component


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